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So many times I found myself alone in the woods with no way to get what I needed when I needed it! I couldn’t get my supplies in or get the deer out of the woods! I decided there had to be a better way, and I set about finding one. The idea of the mini hitch and accessories was invented and later patented to solve this frustrating situation.

The company was established in May, 2011 and located in Milton, FL, where avid hunters and sportsmen of all kinds have great weather and great natural resources to support their recreational adventures. All products are manufactured and assembled locally by people who know what hunters need.

The ATV Mini Hitch is quick and easy to install on conventional rack systems. You only have to install it once! It clamps to the front or rear rack of your ATV. You can put it on and leave it on. There’s no need to change anything because all the accessories use a single wire pin that attaches them to the mini hitch.

You can now carry the ladder stand or supplies to your favorite hunting spot, no more dragging them in and out of the fields. Attach your ladder stand with ease and go. Let the Mini Hitch do the work for you. Once the hitch is installed attach the E-Z Tote Unit to the hitch, the ladder stand then attaches to the Tote Unit, and the E-Z roll wheels attach to the legs of the ladder stand and off you go; the ladder stand now travels freely behind the ATV.

Accessories carry everything you could possibly want - wherever you want

The basket holds an ice chest as well as hunting supplies. The Basket can be attached to the front or rear mounted Mini Hitch. The Bucket Holder also attaches to the front or rear mounted Mini Hitch and can carry one or two five-gallon buckets filled with whatever you like. Use the bucket holder to refill feeders in remote areas.

The Spreader Attachment allows you to easily attach a broadcast feeder or spreader. Are you working on your hunting plot or around the house? The Mini Hitch can help there, too. Just attach the basket to the rear of the ATV and the bucket holder to the front. These accessories will hold an ice chest, tools, fence supplies, corn, horse feed, water or whatever you need to haul. Whether you are an active outdoorsman, or just working on the farm or ranch, the ATV Mini Hitch and accessories can assist you.

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